Culture Corner: Story of Holi

Happy Holi Day!

holi3No folks, that’s not a typo, we’re talking Holi, as in the Hindu celebration to welcome spring, and no one knows how to welcome spring like the Indians.  The celebration begins on the purnima –पूर्णिमा (full moon) of Phalguna – फाल्गुन (the 12th month of the Hindu calendar).  This year Holi falls on Wednesday, March 23.

On Holi eve, it is traditional to set a bonfire. The symbol of the bonfire is to burn away the negative and make room for the positive.  On the following day, get ready for explosions of color in the form of dye powders, squirt guns, and water balloons filled with colored water that are thrown with abandon at anyone who wants to play.  If you plan on participating, wear clothes to whose color you are not attached, put on an ample amount of coconut oil to make de-coloring a bit easier, and get ready to be splatted! If you really want to loosen up (which is the goal here), take a sip of the soon-to-be-legal traditional Holi drink Bhang - milk with a bit of hashish mixed in.

The origins of the festival can be found in Hindu mythology. To know more click here!