Murray Avenue School

   Foreign Language Program Winter 2019



·         Choose Spanish, French or Mandarin
·         Classes meet once per week from 3:15-4:15 PM
·         There are 8 sessions. Classes start the week of February 4th
·         The cost of the course is $190
·         Registration opens 12/3 at 8 PM on website of the BGCNR:

Level description:
Level 1: beginner & returning students
Level 2: returning students

About our classes: Through fun games, songs and crafts students will build and expand their conversational skills and develop an understanding of important grammar structures. Students will also learn more about the everyday culture of the countries where the language of their choice is spoken.

Our courses:

SPANISH  Level 1
Grades: K-2
Schedule: Monday
Dates: 2/4-4/1 no class 2/18

SPANISH  Level 2
Grades: 3-5
Schedule: Friday
Dates: 2/8-4/5 no class 2/22

FRENCH Level 2
Grades 3-5
Dates: 2/7-4/11 no class 2/21, 3/21

Grades K-2
Schedule: Tuesday
Dates: 2/5-4/2 no class 2/19

Questions? Contact Nicolette at or call (914) 315-7080