Which language should I choose?

You may already have the answer to this question but in case you’re not sure, here are some tips on how to choose your next language:


The Easier Ones:

Spanish: It’s all around – Spanish is super useful here in New York and there is a whole continent south of the border offering a plethora of opportunities to put the language to use. Pronunciation is pretty easy and the basic vocabulary isn’t hard to pick up.  The verb conjugations can take some getting used to, not to mention the 2 ways of expressing “to be”, but it will all come together during your next trip to Mexico over guacamole and tequila. From country to country, you will find different accents and variations but the basic language is not so different.

French: C’est si bon! For many, French is the high school language that got away...

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ABC Group

ABC Languages is one of the nation’s leading independent language schools, with locations around the country and a virtual program that reaches students no matter where they live or work. Since our founding in 1998 we’ve had a simple vision:

  • Everyone learns language differently.
  • Language instructors, not salespeople or administrators, run the show.
  • Your first lesson is satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Learning a language should be fun and as simple as ABC.

Word of the Month 


ARABIC (MSA) نصائح
DUTCH adviezen
FRENCH conseils
GERMAN Ratschläge
ITALIAN consigli
RUSSIAN советы
SPANISH consejos