ABC Group

ABC Languages is one of the nation’s leading independent language schools, with locations around the country and a virtual program that reaches students no matter where they live or work. Since our founding in 1998 we’ve had a simple vision:

  • Everyone learns language differently.
  • Language instructors, not salespeople or administrators, run the show.
  • Your first lesson is satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Learning a language should be fun and as simple as ABC.

Word of the Month 

The Word Of The Month:
Beach Umbrella
ARABIC (MSA) مظلة الشاطئ
DUTCH parasol
FRENCH parasol
GERMAN Sonnenschirm
ITALIAN ombrellone da spiaggia
JAPANESE ビーチパラソル
POLISH parasol plażowy
PORTUGUESE guarda-sol
RUSSIAN пляжный зонтик
SPANISH sombrilla