About our classes

At ABC we’re introducing thousands of people to a way of learning languages that’s surprisingly fun and effective. You will be guided to speak from the very first lesson while our instructors arm you with the tools you need to understand and absorb the language.  Student goals range from wanting to learn some basics in preparation for a trip abroad to long-term language learners. With a maximum of only ten students per class, you are guaranteed plenty of personal attention as you conquer fundamentals to advanced skills of your chosen language.

If you are looking to create a custom class with your own group of students, please consult our private program page for more information.

Group classes for adults

We believe that the steps to successfully learning a new foreign language are much the same for every student, while the path to learning is highly individualized. With that in mind, ABC instructors have the freedom to address each group’s needs and learning patterns so that, while following a logical progression, each class goes at a pace that works for you, the students.

We also know that your process won’t be helped by pressure, tests, or requirements that you ”keep up” with everybody else. That’s why we have created an environment where language learners proceed at their own pace, where each student discovers his or her own path to proficiency. If you find yourself in a group that isn’t working for your learning needs, come talk to us! The staff and teachers are here to help you every step of the way. All you need to do is stay on your path and your efforts will be rewarded with success.



Presented by Harrison Recreation

·         Classes meet once per week from 3:30-4:30 PM
·         The cost for 9 classes is $245 for Harrison residents and $320 for non-residents
·         Registration starts Monday 11/26
·         Classes start Tuesday January 29th.

About our adult classes: Our beginner Spanish is for students with little to no background in Spanish. Students will be introduced to basic vocabulary and can expect to cover most of the present tense, negations, questions and adjectives.

Beginner Spanish for Adults 
Dates: Tue 1/29-4/2 no class 2/19
At Veteran’s Memorial Building Harrison

ESL for Adults 
Dates: Thu 4/25-6/13
At Harrison Recreation Department


Group classes for kids

About our kid’s classes: Through fun games, songs and crafts students will build and expand their conversational skills and develop an understanding of important grammar structures. Students will also learn more about the everyday culture of the countries where the language of their choice is spoken. 

Level description: Courses are open to beginning and returning students. Students are placed in groups according to age and level

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