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Looking to connect with other language lovers and add a bit of structure to your own language learning? We’ve got a great group for you, with a few different options for each language.

French 12:00-1:15 Monday, March 6th rsvp now
French 5:30-6:45 Wednesday, February 15th rsvp now
German 12:00-1:15 Tuesday, February 21st rsvp now
German 5:30-6:45 Monday, February 27th rsvp now
Italian 12:00-1:15 Wednesday, March 1st rsvp now
Italian 5:30-6:45 Wednesday, February 15th rsvp now
Mandarin 12:00-1:15 Tuesday, February 14th rsvp now
Mandarin 5:30-6:45 Wednesday, March 8th rsvp now
Spanish 12:00-1:45 Thursday, March 2nd rsvp now
Spanish 5:30-6:45 Thursday, February 16th rsvp now