Come try out a free beginner Group Class at ABC Languages!

This one-hour session will allow you to meet the staff,
learn some basics, and get introduced to our classes,
and how they work.

Thursday, 5/4/17 at 7pm enroll
Monday, 6/12/17 at 7:30pm enroll
Thursday, 5/11/17 at 6pm enroll
Tuesday, 7/11/17 at 7pm enroll
Tuesday, 5/9/17 at 6pm enroll
Thursday, 6/15/17 at 7pm enroll



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These groups are a great way to put practice your conversation skills. You’ll have a chance to practice with other learners, and an instructor will facilitate the session by answering questions and keeping the conversation going.

Arabic 8:00-9:00 Thursday, May 4th rsvp now
French 12:00-1:00 Monday, May 1st rsvp now
French 5:30-6:30 Wednesday, May 24th rsvp now
German 5:30-6:30 Monday, May 22nd rsvp now
Italian 12:00-1:00 Wednesday, May 3rd rsvp now
Italian 5:30-6:30 Wednesday, May 17th rsvp now
Mandarin 5:30-6:30 Wednesday, May 10th rsvp now
Russian 4:30-5:30 Tuesday, May 9th rsvp now 
Spanish 12:00-1:00 Thursday, May 4th rsvp now
Spanish 5:30-6:30 Thursday, May 24th rsvp now