Kids' Trial Request Form

Note: We will call you if we are unable to reach you by email.

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Please describe the child(ren)'s background in the language of study. For example: What type of formal study? (schools)? How long did they study? Did they live in a country and/or grow up in a household where the language was spoken? Please give details and any additional information that you think would help us understand the class level.

Reasons for Studying and Goals:

Please let us know why they are studying the chosen language, and what the goals are for the lessons as well as any additional information that will help us meet their needs.


Please read our private lesson cancellation policy.

For each day, please tell us the earliest time you are available and the latest time you'd be willing to meet. For any day you aren't available, leave it as none. The more availability you have, the faster we can get you started.