Elizabeth Zackhem

What is your hometown?Tough question: LA, Big Sur, CA and Eugene, ORWhich languages do you speak?In the order I learned them English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and RussianWhat natural talent do you wish you had?To be able to sing like ArethaWhere would you go for your dream vacation?A villa in the tropics or the MediterraneanAnything [...]

Rachel Meyer

What is your hometown?Diamond Point, New York. Tiny town in the Adirondacks on Lake George, closer to Canada than to New York City. Very cold!Which languages do you speak?Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Turkish, and American Sign Language. Have learned in the past and sometimes revive Indonesian and Cantonese. Studied and have totally forgotten Japanese and [...]
Nicolette Dekens

Nicolette Dekens

When did you join ABC Languages?As a teacher in 2003 and as staff in 2012. What languages do you speak?Dutch, English, and Arabic. I need to work on my French and German and dream of adding Spanish.What's your hometown?Strijen, The Netherlands.What's your most noticeable characteristic?When I get tired, I start speaking in Dutch tongues to [...]

Alice Bombonatti

When did you join ABC Languages?2004 - 2006, and returned in 2009. Which languages do you speak?Portuguese, English, and Spanish. Trying to resume Italian. What's your hometown?São Paulo, Brazil.What natural talent do you wish you had?Voluntary photographic memory. Where was your most inspiring vacation?Tanzania. What's your favorite food or drink?Risotto and wine. What's a secret [...]

Marcos Ferreira

When did you join ABC Languages?In 2001 as a teacher and in 2004 as a manager.Which languages do you speak?I speak English, Portuguese, and Spanish. I'm currently working on French. What's your hometown?São Paulo, Brazil.What was your most inspiring vacation?It’s a kind of a cliché, but my most inspiring destination was Paris. When I first [...]

Elisabetta Santini

When did you join ABC Languages?I joined ABC in late 2011. Which languages do you speak?My native language is Italian, and I'm still working on my English and Spanish What's your hometown?Prato, Italy.What's your favorite cuisine?Italian food.What's a secret talent that you have?I was a ballet dancer. What do you like to do when you [...]

Karen Ash

When did you join ABC Languages?2005, in a variety of interesting roles over the years. Always something new at ABC!What is your hometown?Brooklyn, NY. Which languages do you speak?English and Swedish at home, and can be a good tourist in about 10 other languages.What's a secret talent that you have?I know all the countries and [...]
Kib Bibens

Kib Bibens

When did you join ABC Languages?2004.Which languages do you speak?English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, and German. Working on Japanese.What's your hometown?Lubbock, TX,What natural talent do you wish you had?Drawing.What do you like to do when you're not obsessing about language classes?Video games.If you could have any superpower, what would it be?Teleportation.
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